New! Global Conservation Assessment

Conservation Survey


Global Conservation Assessment Project

This new project aims to I) determine what marine management strategies are in place, and 2) assess how they are working, using sharks as an indicator. The information for this will come from various sources, including the observations of experienced marine resource users around the world. 

Right now!

eOceans New Survey is gathering the observations of professional and recreational marine resource users around the world to improve our understanding of current conservation strategies - even in areas where no sharks are observed.

10 minute questionnaire

This short survey asks experienced divers, fishers, snorkelers, surfers, stand-up-paddleboarders, boaters and other ocean explorers to summarize their observations from the country where they have the most experience. These data will be used to help better understand current management strategies and to help direct future strategies.

3 main parts:

  1. Your experience - how long have you been in the area and what do you do there.
  2. What sharkshave you seen in the area - this CAN DEFINITELY be ZERO. If you haven't seen any sharks in this area - your observations matter!
  3. What management strategies are in place in this area and how they are working?

Then, share with others

After you have filled it out, ask others you consider to be experienced in your area to contribute their observations - because every perspective helps.

The data gathered will be analyzed and written up for peer-reviewed publication in the spring-summer of 2016.