The Outreach Team is an integral part of the success of eOceans  |  eShark as they provide the link between the Science Team and Field Team - they are the conduit of information. To be part of the Outreach Team, please contact us to discuss what would work best for you and your area or network. 



Initiated 2012 - The Great Fiji Shark Count (GFSC) was conceived by Christine Ward-Paige, Juerg Brunnschweiler and Beqa Adventure Divers, and became a tourism-based collaborative effort of many. Since Fiji has limited internet access, this concentrated census requires hands-on participation and on-the-ground dedication. First, paper copies of the survey are delivered across the country to participating dive shops. Then, dive instructors and their clients fill out the survey on paper for every dive they do in the months of April and November. At the end of each month, the surveys are mailed back to Helen Sykes at "marine ecology consulting", where a number of volunteers carefully enter these data into spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are then summarized by Helen and then shared with the eShark Team for entry into the eShark database and analysis. The GFSC has been conducted bi-annually since 2012. Thanks to this partnership, >19,000 records have been submitted so far - making it one of the largest concentrated censuses contributed to the eShark database to-date!

Initiated 2013 - Shark Guardian Director Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing have been instrumental in the success of eShark Thailand. Equipped with the (almost) monthly progress reports they receive from eShark, Brendon and Liz encourage regular participation from divers and fishers throughout Thailand. They do this by sharing on their website and hosting regular presentations and learning opportunities for dive communities, tourists and the general public. With Shark Guardian's energy, eShark Thailand now has over 13,000 records submitted!

Shark Guardian recently expanded their efforts into Indonesia— we're excited to see what divers and fishers are seeing there!