Christine Ward-Paige (MSc, PhD) - Principal Investigator

I pursued science because I had endless questions and enjoyed being outdoors observing nature - especially underwater! Although I still love a day at sea, however, I have grown to enjoy being an 'armchair ecologist' and am really excited when people around the world share their observations with me. By amalgamating these observations and comparing to other data sources, I aim to improve our understanding of marine ecosystems. And, I feel most rewarded when individuals, organizations and governments use these results to advance public knowledge, improve marine management strategies and to close policy loopholes that allow for unsustainable exploitation of the “common” oceans. More about Christine



Annabel Westell, Honours Student - eShark Thailand 

Annabel just completed her Marine Biology and International Development degree at Dalhousie University. She is now continuing to work with eOceans, working up the data, analysis and writeup of eShark Thailand data. Her goals are three-fold: 1) to describe the coverage obtained by 3-yr concentrated, opportunistic census of Thailand's dive sites, 2) using these data, to describe shark and ray populations at various spatial and temporal scales, 3) linking the distributions and changes in shark and ray populations to various human threats. Ultimately, the goal of Annabel's work is to delineate priority conservation areas and species for reef-associated sharks and rays. Results are expected to help inform on Thailand's National Plan of Action for sharks, and because eShark collects data on many species - not just sharks - it could also be used to define priority conservations areas to assist in defining Marine Protected Areas more generally. 



Adrienne Boyer, Graphic Design and Illustration

Adrienne has over 10 years of studio experience in Graphic Design and Illustration including various types of print work, web concepts, exhibit design, advertising, branding and marketing. Adrienne was the creativity behind the eShark, eManta and now eOceans logos.